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“We are digging our own graves with our forks and knives”

We are digging our own graves with our forks and knives
“AN OLD PROVERB SAYS, THAT A MAN DIGS HIS OWN GRAVE WITH HIS fork and knife. It’s absolutely true! Today in America, we are one of the most overfed and undernourished societies that ever lived.
Facing the terrible truth about the American Diet
Most of America’s health problems today are caused by dietary abuses. Elizabeth Frazao of the US Department of Agriculture reported poor eating habits are linked to more than half of the deaths in the United States.
‘Diet is a significant factor in the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), certain types of cancer, and stroke-the three leading causes of death in the United States, and responsible for over half of all deaths…Diet also plays a major role in the development of diabetes (the seventh leading cause of death), hypertension, and obesity. These six health conditions incur considerable medical expenses, lost work, disability, and premature deaths-much of it unnecessary, since a significant proportion of these conditions is believed to be preventable through improved diets.’”
This was quoted from Dr. Don Colbert’s book, TOXIC RELIEF ;Restore Health and Energy Through Fasting And Detoxification, Published by: Siloam Charisma Media/ Charisma House Book Group, 600 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, Florida 32746, page 34. www.charismahouse.com.
A few years ago, my brother came from Florida to stay a while with me. We went to the supermarket to buy groceries. I went around to the meat section and picked out my usual fish, salmon, white meats, vegetables and fruits, most of which contains little fat. He went to the meats picked up a few parquets of red meats, puts them in the counter, and says grinning; “you have to eat good once in a while.” I didn’t say much, not wanting to offend him, but, I thought to myself, “If that’s eating good/ I’ll continue eating bad.” This incident is reflective of the way we where both brought up by our grandmother, who was a great cook, who together with my grandfather owned several small restaurants in our home town. Growing up we savored all these great dishes, always stuffing ourselves until our bellies popped out. Since my teenage years, I determined to eat healthy, but the temptation to indulge myself is always there.
Dr Colbert goes on to say, “When treating those with degenerative diseases, I began to notice a pattern. Most of these individuals weren’t underfed. In fact, most of them were big overeaters. They ate plenty-but they ate all the wrong things. They were overfed and yet completely undernourished.
This was particularly true of people with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension, a host of different allergic conditions, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. In fact, to some degree, it appeared to apply to nearly all degenerative diseases.
For many of these people, medications won’t help. Nor can taking vitamins and nutrients eliminate the cause of these diseases. That’s because it’s not lack that causes many of these diseases-it’s eating too much of the wrong foods.
I began to realize that one of the main causes of these degenerative diseases is overconsumption of sugary, fatty, starchy, and high-protein foods-foods that have been processed, fried, and further devitalized. These are inflammatory foods that actually invite disease into our bodies. These people where taking in enormous amounts of empty, fattening calories, but they were not nourishing their bodies but inflaming them.
Taking some supplements such as a comprehensive multivitamin with minerals, omega -3 fats, and vitamin D3 is important. However,  much more important are eliminating (or significantly reducing) consumption of the toxic fats, sugars, processed ‘dead’ inflammatory foods, and eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and other ‘living’ foods.”
By the way, if you want to get acquainted with Dr Colbert and his wife, watch this short video as they both explain what they mean by “dead food,” http://youtu.be/OalQ250-eqE . I was in a safety driver’s seminar this morning, and as I was in line to pick up breakfast, I told a fellow driver, “watch how everybody skips the fruits bowl, and instead goes for the dead food such as the bacon and sausages that have been dead for weeks.” And sure enough, that’s what happened. If some of you listening to all this are thinking, “Yeah right?” Then you’re right, that attitude is not going to allow you to make a course correction that might increase your life expectancy and quality of life to be able to see your kids grow old and the grandkids that will surely come afterwards.
A couple of months ago, one Sunday morning, as I was making my customary walk in the park, a co-worker who’s older than I am, ran past me at good running pace. By the time I walked the four miles or so, he must have run by me four times. I was very surprise to find out that he had been a marathon runner for a long time and I didn’t even know it. I congratulated him and from that moment on we became better acquainted with each other. Every time I saw him at work he got happy and would tell me of upcoming marathon runs that he would participate in. A few weeks ago I bumped into another co-worker who had for a time lost a lot of weight by running and eating better foods. He said to me, “Have you heard what happened to so and so,” referring to the marathon runner co-worker. I said “no, what happened?” He said, “He got a stroke right in the job, and he could not move his left side.” Wow, that was a choker to me. But then, my co-worker says, “you see, that’s why I’m going to keep on eating pork, red meats and everything else I could get a hold of, because you never know when could be your last day.”
Though, there is some truth to that statement, I hope we don’t copy this attitude because, “why be in a hurry to cut our lives short?” Napoleon Hill said, “every apparent failure; brings with it, the seed of equivalent or greater benefit.” I, for one believe; that my friend and co-worker, the marathon runner, will see this health challenge as just another fete to overcome. No doubt in my mind, that he will also win this race. As to the one that said he’s going to eat everything in his path, between you and me, he might be defeating the very purpose he started all this regiment to start with. This underscores the importance of being completely convinced of the reason why you’re changing a bad habit and replacing it with a new one, a healthier one.
Dr Colbert goes on to explain, “Taking in dead, man-made, processed food creates a trap. When your body realizes that it hasn’t received the nourishment it craves, even after you’ve eaten a large, calorie-laden meal, your brain sends a signal that it still needs nourishment. But when you answer that craving with more dead food, you start a cycle that leaves your body laboring under a devastating burden of too much sugar, starch, and fat, leading to chronic inflammation and degenerative diseases.
This kind of burden creates enormous stress for your entire digestive tract. It overtaxes the liver and overwhelms your entire body with massive amounts of dangerous fats, chemicals, and other toxins.
All the while, in a sense, you are starving. You are becoming depleted of what you really need: essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes. Eating in this way will make you feel fatigued and irritable, and over time you’ll begin to develop one or more of the degenerative diseases listed above.
Over-nutrition is worse than under-nutrition. In fact, animal studies have shown that getting too few calories, which is technically called calorie restriction, can actually increase longevity. Although I do recommend calorie restriction for some diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity, I believe that as a nation we need to work harder at eating in a way that keeps us within a healthy weight range.”
“…Thomas A. Edison said, ‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease’.
This is why I believe that Dr. Don Colbert is one of those doctors Thomas A. Edison was referring too. My hope is that by sharing his work you would buy this book and or visit his website http://www.divinehealthwellness.com/dr-don-colbert-md/ to get acquainted with his health foods, and other natural supplements. He goes on to mention all the other ways we are being bombarded by all sides with toxins that are being absorbed by our bodies and over working our liver and immune systems.
I opted not to continue quoting from this book, but I have included some of the web sites that offer information on these areas that are affecting our lively hoods. Click on the links for more info.
Toxic chemicals released by industries this year:
4,249,210 tons

Toxic chemical release - sources and methods

  • Each and every second 310 Kg of toxic      chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by      industrial facilities around the world.
  • This amounts to      approximately 10      million tons (over      21 billion pounds) of toxic chemicals released into our      environment by industries each year.
  • Of these, over 2 million tons (over 4.5 billion pounds) per year are recognized carcinogens.      This amounts to about 65      Kg each second.
  • Toxic chemicals: substances that      can cause severe illness, poisoning, birth defects, disease, or death when      ingested, inhaled, or absorbed by living organisms.
  • recognized      carcinogens: as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health      Administration (view OSHA      Carcinogens list)
  • release: any spilling,      leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, discharging, injecting,      escaping, leaching, dumping or disposing into the environment (as defined by EPCRA, U.S. Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act section, 329-8)
  • Environment: includes water,      air and land and the interrelationship which exists among and between      water, air, and land and all living things.
For worldwide statistics, we refer primarily to the data provided by the United Nations Environment Program and correlated United Nations agencies.
For the United States, the data is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The main providers of data and statistics about the environment and sustainable development for the European Union are:
References and useful links:

For more information visit this page at http://www.worldometers.info/view/toxchem/
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Chemicals in Food

Modern food-production methods have introduced new environmental exposures to carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds.
In some ways, our ancestors had it easy. Because they didn't have chemically treated food and chemically enhanced kitchenware, their diets and cooking practices exposed them to fewer toxic hazards.
Today when we eat meat, poultry and dairy, we eat the residue of everything the animal ate, including growth hormones, pesticides and contaminants.
And it's not just the food itself that you have to watch, but the containers they're stored in, which can leach toxic chemicals such as BPA, styrene and vinyl chloride. Not only do they sound unappetizing, they're actually bad for you.
Following are some of the harmful chemicals commonly found in our food and food containers, along with descriptions of what they are, where they're found and why they're bad. And check out our Tips for Prevention section to learn how to avoid them.

Bisphenol A (BPA)


You are what you eat, so make safe choices in the kitchen.
Tips to eat and live better >
Bisphenol A (BPA) can be found in reusable plastic food containers and the lining of food and beverage cans. Research shows that BPA exposure is linked to breast cancer, and has been shown to interfere with chemotherapy treatment for the disease.


Phthalates can be found in some plastic food containers and are considered endocrine disruptors. Phthalate exposure has been linked to early puberty in girls, a risk factor for later-life breast cancer. Some phthalates also act as weak estrogens in cell culture systems.


Some pesticides and herbicides used on the food we eat have been labeled as human or animal carcinogens and many are also found in water supplies and indoor air and dust. Pesticide exposure is of particular concern for agricultural workers. Studies have shown that some herbicides and pesticides stimulate growth of breast cancer cells or cause mammary cancer in rats.


Zeranol is one of the most widely used chemicals in the U.S. beef industry. It is of special concern since it mimics the hormone estradiol. Scientists recently exposed cancer cells to zeranol-treated beef and the results showed significant increases in cancer growth.


Since its introduction in 1993, bovine growth hormone (rBGH/rBST) has proven controversial because of its potential carcinogenic effects. Several studies have shown an association between dairy consumption and breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. rBGH has also been shown to raise insulin-like growth factor levels in the body, associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.


Styrene can leach from polystyrene – a component of Styrofoam food trays, egg cartons, disposable cups and carryout containers – when heated, worn or put under pressure. Styrene is an animal mammary carcinogen and is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Vinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used to produce food packaging. When PVC is made, vinyl chloride may be released into the air or wastewater. It was one of the first chemicals designated as known human carcinogen and has been linked to increased mortality from breast cancer and liver cancer among workers involved in its manufacture.


Phytoestrogens are found primarily in soy food products. Although scientific evidence suggests that plant-based estrogens offer nutritional benefits, the data is more conflicting when it comes to breast cancer risk. Some studies suggest phytoestrogen consumption during adolescence may help reduce later risk of breast cancer, but other studies suggest it may cause oxidative DNA damage and interfere with breast cancer drugs.
For more information visit this page at  http://www.breastcancerfund.org/clear-science/chemicals-linked-to-breast-cancer/food/   http://www.breastcancer.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=chemicals&commit=Search

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Phthalates and BPA make an unexpected appearance

A new study suggests that an individual may not be able to avoid food packaging chemicals like phthalates and BPA by cutting out canned and plastic-wrapped foods.
For more information visit this page: http://www.breastcancerfund.org/clear-science/chemicals-linked-to-breast-cancer/food/

Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in 31 of 35 U.S Cities' Water Supply

Hexavalent chromium, the cancer-causing chemical made famous by the film "Erin Brockovich," has been detected in the tap water of 31 of the 35 U.S. cities tested by Environmental Working Group-commissioned studies. That's 89 percent of cities sampled.
According to the EPA, hexavalent chromium [PDF] is "likely to be carcinogenic to humans." Yet, EWG reports, "Despite mounting evidence of its toxic effects, the EPA has not set a legal limit for hexavalent chromium in tap water nationally and does not require water utilities to test for it."
According to EWG the 31 cities studied collectively serve more than 26 million people. Water in 25 of those cities was found with levels above the safe maximum of .06 parts per billion proposed by California regulators last year. (California is the only state that requires hexavalent chromium testing.) The highest levels were found in Norman, Oklahoma; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Riverside, California.
Check out the map produced by EWG showing more of the test results at Treehugger. EWG puts the map, and the test findings, into context:
EWG's tests provide a one-time snapshot of chromium-6 levels in 35 cities. But chromium pollution is a continuous, ongoing problem, as shown by the annual water quality reports that utilities must produce under federal law. Over the years, nearly all of the 35 cities tested by EWG regularly report finding chromium (in the form of total chromium) in their water despite using far less sensitive testing methods than those used by EWG.
The total number of Americans drinking tap water contaminated with this compound is likely far higher than is indicated by EWG's tests. At least 74 million people in nearly 7,000 communities drink tap water polluted with "total chromium," which includes hexavalent and other forms of the metal, according to EWG's 2009 analysis of water utility tests from 48,000 communities in 42 states (EWG 2009).
And then explains at least part of how it came to be this way:
Industry has sought for more than six years to delay state-mandated regulation of hexavalent chromium in tap water in California. Aerospace giant Honeywell International Inc. and others have stalled the adoption of the advisory public health goal by pressing for additional external scientific peer review. California's Department of Public Health can neither set nor enforce a mandatory tap water standard for hexavalent chromium until the goal is finalized.
As for steps forward, EWG is advocating for the EPA to "move expeditiously to establish a legal limit for chromium-6 and require public water suppliers to test for it."
This is by no means a sign to start drinking bottled water instead of tap—there are so many problems with that as a solution, including that it's not cleaner, that it's not worth a second thought. It just means the EPA should be doing its job of protecting the environment and public health. And perhaps filtering your water at home.
For more information please visit this page at: http://www.alternet.org/newsandviews/article/402073/cancer-causing_chemical_found_in_31_of_35_u.s_cities'_water_supply

I conclude this part with what Dr. Colbert writes, “Toxic substances, as we learned earlier, are everywhere. They are in the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, and the food that we eat. They attack us from outside and from within.
We are living in the most toxic time the world has ever known. Our ability to stay healthy is increasingly determined by our body’s ability to detoxify.
The best way to eliminate these toxins from our bodies is to start a detoxification program. Here’s how:
  • Start by following the liver cleansing diet for two to four weeks.
  • Take supplements for a healthy liver.
  • Drink at least two quarts of alkaline water a day.
  • Get plenty of fiber.
  • Undergo periodic juice fasting for three to seven days at a time (or longer if monitored by a physician).
  • Finish up with another two weeks on the liver cleansing diet.
By following this simple program, you can safely and effectively eliminate the dangerous toxins from your body.”

Additional information is found in Dr. Colbert’s book, that’s why it’s a must read to open our eyes. I know that all of this can be depressing; I know it was for me when I first started to read through all the data he was providing in the book. But he gives you important ways to ensure the best of your health and for those in your family and loved ones. Another good source of information as well as a pro active movement which I will surely be joining shortly is Thrivemovement.com. You should also watch this movie “Thrive: What on earth will it take?” http://youtu.be/lEV5AFFcZ-s , and become better acquainted with some of the issues I have already mentioned in my posts and others I have alluded too.
For those of you interested in the Dr. Colbert’s 28 day fast, go visit his web page at   http://www.divinehealthwellness.com/dr-don-colbert-md/ .
For those of you who are on the go as me, I have great news for you. After reading the book I was troubled because as a commercial driver, it’s pretty dangerous for me going on a 28 day fast. So I decided to take the book with me and go visit the local GNC. I showed the guy the highlighted names of the super foods. He said yeah, we have that, in a powder mix together with all fruits. Then, I said to him, what about a Detoxifying liver program? He said we have that also; it’s a seven day program, no fasting necessary. Wow, this means I could get both things without the need to detoxify by fasting and the super foods (fruits and vegetables) without having to blend all that in a juicer. Yes!
I joined the GNC Club card for discounts and  I bought two months supply of the “Super Foods Supreme” (Juice and Vegetables powder mix), and the “Complete Body Cleansing 7 day program for detoxifying the liver for $100 and saved about $49.00 in the process. I don’t know about you, but I blow $100.00 easy on my car in a weekend, why not invest that in my own health. So it all comes down to intelligent choices. Without my health and vitality, I could do very little to bless my wife, family, and do much less to keep you guys informed. By the way, as I’m writing this article, I’m on my fifth day, of detoxifying and drinking the “Super Foods Supreme.” I even got my wife Milca into drinking it; she just came back from her trip of being with her mother in Puerto Rico. So we are enjoying our twenty- ninth honey moon and still growing strong, Yahoo! So, let’s not dig our graves but carve our way with our forks and knives into more health and nutrition, by living more abundantly.
I want to thank all of you who have written comments, telling me how you’ve been moved into desiring to aspire into becoming: bloggers, web-developers, authors, and those who are utilizing techniques that you have picked up by my own example and are applying them into your own communities already being in the way of growth and increase. Earl Nightingale put it this way, “the definition of success could be defined as this, to be progressively realizing a worthy ideal.” So if you‘ve adopted the ideal of this blog by bringing your whole being: the spiritual, the mental, the physical, and the financial into a mature, perfect, whole alignment; and you’re progressively realizing this worthy ideal, you are in the way of success.
In Napoleon Hill’s times, right after the Great Depression, he said that only 5% 0f the population where living successfully, but 95% didn’t even know what success meant. Can somebody find out what the same statistics say about our times and post it here? Therefore, I have laid down in this blog a solid foundation interlocking all these four major areas of the being. If you pick out some of the methods and techniques mentioned here, and you intelligently design a strategy that best suits your needs, you will have more than enough knowledge to send you in the way of success. If you have some difficulty in putting together and implementing techniques, that is where I can assist you in personal coaching. If you need someone to help motivate you, and keep you focus and accountable; I might be of assistance in those areas as well. I’m currently undertaking training in life coaching techniques, and methodologies that will help us better understand and interpret those internal representational systems that become our perception and projection of our internal world that then becomes our external realities. “As a man thinks of himself, so is he.” My hope is that this blog and its contributing writers continue helping you: discover, and live, more abundantly…

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How Do I Bring My Finances Under Control, So That I Can Have Peace Of Mind?

How Do I Bring My Finances Under Control, So That I Can Have Peace Of Mind?
This has to be one of the most prevalent questions in people’s minds under the present state of our economy today. My hope is that I can share certain key points containing valuable tips that if taken and implemented with courage, discipline, and genuine determination should bring you out of your rut and into the way of abundance.

First tip: It’s also no secret how the John Cummuta plan gets you out of debt they use what it called the debt snowball plan.  This plan is the simple process of putting your debt in a strategic order to help you pay it off the fastest way possible. Every financial blogger I know has discussed this plan at one point or another, so I’ll just quickly review it for you to help out.
  • List All Debt in Order Form The Lowest To Highest Balance. In this plan you are going pay off the lower debt amounts first because you want to achieve a win as quickly as possible, and paying the lowest amount first will show you that this plan works and can be done. Shared this from another sight here is the link if you want more info
  • Start Paying The Lowest Debt Amount With An Extra Payment.   Once in order start paying the lowest debt first along with a minimum extra payment of $50 or more applied to just that one debt.  This way you can focus on just one debt at a time instead of several all at once.
  • Pay Off The Second Debt. Once you have the first debt paid off apply everything you were paying towards the last debt to the next debt.  So if your first debts minimum payment was $50 and you were applying an extra $50 towards the first debt you would now be paying the second debts minimum balance plus $100 that was being paid on the first debt.
  • Continue The Process Until Debt Free. If you keep applying the extra money over time to the next debt you could be out of debt in a fairly quick amount of time.  But whatever you do don’t spend the money on something else keep it going towards the plan.
  • Build Your Emergency Fund. Now that all of your debt is paid off you need to put an emergency fund in place to prevent you from falling back into the position you came from.  Figure out what one month of expenses cost you and times that by six.  This will be how much money you need to save for your six month emergency fund.  To do this set up an emergency fund now
And there you have it the John Cummuta’s Debt Elimination Plan.  I know I’ve skimmed through this process fairly quickly so feel free to leave a comment if you have a question.

Second Tip: By looking into what I call “trimming the fat”- I believe, I learned this technique from reading John Cammutta’s program years ago. I applied this and it worked for me that’s why I’ll recommend it for you as well. This is how you do it. Look into all the insurances you have. Review each one in detail until you understand the small print and all.
For example, if you look into your car insurance, many times you’ll find that you’re paying for options you didn’t even know were there and paying for it; Such as, for towing or car rental, etc. You may have paid off your car, and you may be paying expensive full coverage. This is a good one. How about when buying a new car and all the extras from the dealership they add on to your purchase price. They will add to you all the services guarantee that they can because there is where they make the real money.

I bought some things from Radio Shack the other day, and was asked if I wanted to insure those items. Notice, this is where they make extra money. The same goes for whole life insurance. If you calculate the money component and the interest you’re getting is just about the same percent that the bank would give you, but they, the insurance company will use your money to invest in, they can make 15% AND GIVE ONLY 3% return, not fare right. You would be better off separating the savings and putting it into a tax differed Roth Ira and getting just pure term life insurance.
This is why I will recommend that we all get “financially educated” as Robert Kiyosaki keeps preaching about through his books. Now, why do we allow the bankers and Wall Street get even richer with our money? My own opinion is because most of us are too worn out to even care, right; or, we are too lazy to take charge of our own money. I think you all get the point, but don’t get mad at me, get mad at yourself; and do the right thing. And what’s the right thing? Take charge of your own money.

Third tip: By becoming financially educated – Now, think about this, why is it that in the wealthiest nation in the world, with one of the best education system in the world, we are not taught real financial education. And get me straight, I’m talking about practical real life knowledge to teach us how to become financially independent and eventually becoming business owners and entrepreneurs. As Wallace D. Wattles taught in his book “The Science of Getting Rich”, how to rise from the competitive plane to the creative plane.

Let me share with you a quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules OF Money” Published by Business Plus, New York, NY, 2009, page 32. “Why Money IS Not Taught in School: The purpose of the foundation [the General Education Board] was to use the power of money, not to raise the level of education in America, as was widely believed at the time, but to influence the direction of that education…The object was to use the classroom to teach attitudes that encourage people to be passive and submissive to their rulers. The goal was-and is-to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class. True education was to be restricted to the sons and daughters of the elite. For the rest, it would be better to produce skilled workers with no particular aspirations other than to enjoy life.”G. Edward Griffin in the Creature from Jekyll Island, on Rockefeller’s General Board, founded in 1903.

And for those of you that might already be thinking “conspiracy theory”, Google this and check out the history of what occurred in that historic date. There you have it in black and white, I hope you get angry and initiate a sequence of causation for your own good. I could go even deeper but this is not my intention at this time. Get financially educated and you will have a better peace of mind. I greatly recommend this book to begin to educate your-self in other important historical facts that most of us are not aware of, such as when President Nixon on August 15, 1971, without authorization of congress, severed the U.S. dollar from the gold standard, and the dollar became monopoly money. This is why we ended up in the financial mess we are in and The Fed’s just keep pumping this paper called money creating the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history, and in the world. I just hope some of you would follow up with research; just don’t take our word for it, prove it true for your-self. You owe that much, to your-self, and your families.

Fourth tip: By becoming acquainted with the power of your imagination
I will share with you a quote from Napoleon Hill’s best seller, “Think and Grow Rich” Published by Tribeca Books, USA, pages 82, 83. I will provide a YouTube Audio link where you can listen to the narration of this whole classic http://youtu.be/O6w6YNNe1eA .
“Whoever you are, wherever you may live, whatever occupation you may be engaged in, just remember in the future, every time you see the word’s ‘Coca-Cola,’ that its vast empire of wealth and influence grew out of a single IDEA, and that the mysterious ingredient the drug clerk-Asa Candler-mixed with the secret formula was..IMAGINATION!
Stop and think of that, for a moment. Remember, also, that the thirteen steps to riches, described in this book, were the media through which the influence of Coca-Cola has been extended to every city, town, village, and cross-roads of the world, and that ANY IDEA you may create, as 80Ufld and meritorious as Coca-Cola, has the possibility of duplicating the stupendous record of this world-wide thirst-killer.Truly, thoughts are things, and their scope of operation is the world, itself.”

I’m a living witness to great men as Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wallace D. Wattles, James Allen, and others, but most of all, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His apostles for the immense influence they have all had in me. I’m greatly indebted and can only make them justice by having their heart of service towards the good of all mankind. “…Therefore, I have come as one to serve.” I have learned a little from all of them, and the one constant teaching is the same, that you and I would take control of our thoughts as free thinkers with freedom to chose, and would learn the discipline of tapping into our creative imagination which is “the work-shop of the soul.” There you can craft your own career, business, or empire. However, they would all tell you; “All ways, live, according to the golden rule:” “Do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you.”

Fifth tip: Change your environment and develop your genius
Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote in his book, “Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money” Business Plus Hachette Book Group, New York, NY, 2008, pages 186-187. “If you want to become richer, it is important to continually upgrade your environment. This is why I shake my head every time some expert recommends living below your means. By living below your means you continually live in lesser environment. As a young boy, every time I crossed the bridge to my rich friend’s neighborhood, my brain was absorbing what it is like to live at a higher standard of living…a standard I wanted to live at. My brain was looking for ways I could achieve such standard of living.
This does not mean running out and buying a big house, flashy cars, new clothes, and getting into piles of bad debt. What I mean is to consciously and intelligently challenge yourself to improve your standard of living by increasing your financial intelligence.
The best way to increase your financial intelligence is by first finding the environment where your genius can grow and develop. That can be as simple as going to a library and reading a book by a person you want to be like, or by looking at magazines with pictures of stately homes. The first step is to consciously begin to stimulate your mirror neurons to the standard of living and the people you want to be like.” I also recommend this book in that process of becoming financially educated.

These activities associated with changing your environment where your genius can grow and develop is what you bring into “the workshop of your mind” to craft your desires into spiritual form, and after you have finished molding this desire, you present it to God (infinite intelligence), with faith and expectancy. Once He receives it, He goes into activating the natural laws of nature: to work into bringing your desire, into its physical visible equivalent. But as I wrote in previous blogs, you have to become your own guardian of the subconscious, so that you don’t allow negative, indecisive, doubting thoughts to descend into your subconscious and nullify or cancel that desire presented to the divine, which He had started creating to bring into physical form. This is exactly where we fail, by becoming inpatient: we never see our desires come into life. Just make sure of this one important rule: Whatever you desire to be created has to be for more life and increase for all; not just for you. Wallace D. Wattles put it this way, “More for all, less for none.” Great golden nugget isn’t it? I want to invite you to visit my Web-blog and join us in “the mining for gold process” you will find out what this means as you read through the other posts.

Six Tip: Get right with Him first, God, and all these things will be added to you
I want to share a piece of what I recommended in GGMP part III Study #1. You can click the link to YouTube and listen to my reflection here http://youtu.be/t9H3uO0YzZA
Choose one of the following options:
  1. Do you want to be a “fruitful” person, even though you might want to start from the bottom?  Go to www.Findtherightjob.com
  2. Do you want to be “creative” knowing that God gifted you with creativity, be willing to change careers, or reinvent yourself? Visit: www.careerbuilder.com or www.entrepreneur.com
  3. Do you want to be a “visionary”? Go to: www.monster.com or www.retrain.org
  4. Do you want to “be your own boss”? Go to: www.franchise.com
  5. If you want to work from home, go to: www.riviewpedia.com
  6. If you have difficult kids that sometimes drive you crazy, and don’t know how to deal with them, visit: www.growingkids.org or www.difficultchildren.org or type the key words raising difficult kids.
The major reason that I emphasize dealing with these situations is because I, myself, have lived through some of them, and I’m fully aware on how they could polarize you into feelings of anxiety, fear, and worries that will not allow you to make spiritual progress. This is what the scriptures say about these emotions:

“Therefore be humbled under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your anxiety onto Him, for He cares for you.” (1 peter 5:7, 8 MKJV)
“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He who fears has not been perfected in love.” (1 John 4:18 MKJV)
“So I tell you to stop worrying about what you will eat, drink, or wear. Isn't life more than food and the body more than clothes?” (Mathew 6:25 GW)
“But first, be concerned about his kingdom and what has his approval. Then all these things will be provided for you.”(Mathew 6:33 GW)
For all these reasons I recommend that you pursue some of these options or any other similar one so that you can take those first steps towards progress and a resolution of your situation. When you find yourself doing so, then come back and continue these studies, but with a clear head and in full communion to that which pertains to your eternal estate, spiritual health, and intimate relationship with your eternal Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.

I want to conclude these tips that will help you develop peace of mind by sharing what Suze Orman wrote in her book, The 9 steps to Financial Freedom: Practical & Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying Published by Three Rivers Press, New York, NY, 1997-2000, pages 49 and 53.
“You have taken the first step to financial freedom by facing the memories and fears that have kept you from dealing with your money. You have also started to recover the power and strength that enable you to be in control of your money-the money you have now and the money that will come to you.
But going back to the past is in itself not enough to create the future you want. Financial freedom requires not just insights but also actions, and to carry out these actions you must learn about money and how it needs to be treated. True financial freedom is not only having money, but having power over that money as well”
She also shares, “THE FIRST LAW OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM: People first, Then Money”
I hope this blog post blesses you. Please share your comments, insights, and wisdom. “For what I want for myself, I also want for others.” –Golden rule: Jones of Toledo-


The first step to success is to find out the thing you love to do, then do it. Success is in loving your work…

The second step to success is to specialize in some particular branch of work and know more about it than anyone else…

The third step is the most important one. You must be sure that the thing you want to do does not redound to your success only. Your desire must not be selfish it must benefit humanity. The path of a complete circuit must be formed. In other words, your idea must go forth with the purpose of blessing or serving the world…
Quoted from: Joseph Murphy PhD., D.D The POWER of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Published by Penguin Group, New York, NY, 2011 http://youtu.be/Ce8PfpgkYxU This is the YouTube audio for the chapter 11 of this book that contains the information provided. Any questions that I might help to answer write ma at rickyperpina@gmail.com . You can visit my YouTube channel at "Ricardo Perpina."

Wallace D. Wattles said something to this effect, “You must rise from the competitive plane, and rise to the creative plane.” What he meant by this was that we must stop thinking as competing, and fighting for a piece of cheese, “we must get out of the rat race.” We must become creators of our own destiny. We can learn how to do that by learning how to tap into our subconscious creative ability. This is where we shape and mold our thoughts, and present it to infinite intelligence, God, and He goes about its outward manifestation into physical form. However, were most of us fail, is in applied faith accompanied by gratitude and earnest expectancy. Mr. Wallace put it this way, he said, you must continue to do everything in a successful manner believing and being grateful that the thing you waiting for, is going to show up. You must continue to give advance and increase to everyone that comes in contact with you, because “You are an advancing man.” All this, taps into a couple of natural laws: 1.The law of growth and increase, 2.The law of attraction, 3.The law of compensation, and most importantly, 4.The golden rule “that which you do unto others, you want others to do unto you.” God bless, my hope is this blesses all of you. http://youtu.be/vM1wkzRl5ZA This is the audio book for "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles, I'll be glad to help you understand it, just write to me.

The Keys to Success-Establishing New Combinations of Habits

This ministry and services will always be tied up with learning, growing, thinking, sharing and wonderfully becoming. I will continue to use the same learning and teaching pattern established in GGMP part III, in which I wrote in outline form encouraging the student to fulfill given assignments so that they could develop their own independent research taking advantage of free internet tools, then coming together in the Facebook group site- Life Experience Academy- to share insights, questions and comments. This web-blog was created in part for the same purpose. My hope is that it will pick up speed and interest. I’m supposing that for a long time people in the web have been accustomed to being inundated with free information and knowledge. I think people are stuffed up with so much of it. We all have been spoiled and had everything just handed to us. The result of all this in my view, is that people have become choosy in a good way and others just don’t flat out understand the treasures that are being spoiled because of not recognizing the great love and sacrifice in time and effort that goes into expressing your thoughts and life experiences.

This is why I am using a different approach to sharing information and teaching. I’m going to call it mining for Gold, as to the process of actual digging, dredging, and looking to find those trinkets or golden nuggets. In our search for that hidden knowledge and wisdom I hope that by encouraging and inspiring some of you to get involved in this mining process is that once you start discovering these hidden truths, knowledge, and wisdom, that you would learn to appreciate them as truly finding Gold. Because once you start finding it, and “…once you start organizing that knowledge into intelligent directed purposes towards chief definite goals, you will experience success” –Napoleon Hill. As Mr. Wallace D, Wattles says repeatedly in His book “The Science of Getting Rich”, “If you think in a Certain Way, and do things in a Certain Way, with a mathematical certainty you will get rich, because there is only but one shortest distance between two points.” Wow!!! Are these Golden nuggets or what?
If you are visiting this site for useful content, yes, you will find a lot of that here and you’re welcome to copy and paste, but if you’ve come to join us whom by faith I believe are here already then you’ve come to the right place, welcome!!! Are you ready? Ok, let’s have some fun.

I will now share a commentary written by the Trauma Specialist and Christian Therapist, H. Norman Wright in his book, “A Better Way to think: Using Positive Thoughts to Change Your life . Published by Revell a Division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids MI, 2011. ” He writes the following,
“The twenty-one-day rule applies to most changes we want to make. When you’ve introduced a new habit or stopped an old one, be sure to be persistent in the new behavior for at least twenty-one days. Don’t expect a new habit to feel natural right away. Some habits might take twice as long to really stick. So be patient.”[1]
I’ll share with you another quote that relates to this subject. It was written by Dr. Victor Nazario one of my professors at the Christian University, in his book, “Prosperous Leaders in The New Millennium.” He wrote,

“…This is the reason that when we try to ‘will’ ourselves to stop certain habits, they continue to rear their ugly heads in our most vulnerable moments. We think and process at a conscious level; however, we are continuously ‘overruled’ by the belief systems which are deeply rooted at a ‘subconscious’ level, which is active all the time and overpowers our conscious efforts to change our daily habits.’’
That is why it is imperative that you renew your mind. The problem is not external It is completely internal in nature. When we renew our minds, everything will begin to change and shift for the better. The bottom line is that most of our problems do not evolve from external issues. The real issue is what we believe and accept as truth within our ‘subconscious’ thought.
Dr. Wexler offers an important statement regarding the subconscious mind in page 18 of her book:
Your subconscious mind accepts everything you present to it as being of equal importance and reality. If you tell your subconscious mind that the “world is out to get you”- it will treat this as being totally unquestioned reality, and will encourage you to respond accordingly.
If, on the other hand, you inform your unconscious mind that the “world is on your side and supporting your success” it will treat this as a total unquestioned reality, and will guide your actions accordingly.
In short: Your subconscious mind is the source of your dreams, your hunches, your intuition… and all the “inner messages” that determine what you will (and will not) achieve in your life.’
Dr. Wexler and many other brain wave researchers believe that what you hold to be true dictates how you respond to life in general. Looking at it in this perspective brings on a deeper meaning to the verse ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…’- Proverbs 23:7.”[1]

This is a portion copied from GGMP part III, Study# 2. I will now ask you to take out some time and follow this link to YouTube and listen to this audio-book portion of the “Laws of Success –Cosmic Habit Force” by Napoleon Hill. This is about an hour long. http://youtu.be/lnXwn7aLMQY  Try and answer the following questions:

1. What was this Law called or referred too previously in his evolving philosophy?
2. What did he realized about this law later on?
3. In your opinion, what relation has the “Law of Cosmic Habit Force” to the “law of attraction” mentioned in one my posts.
4. How do these Laws and the quoted material stated above relate to our practical experience?
I hope some of you will be encouraged to participate. This is what life experience is all about

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As a Christian, how do I interprete "the Law of Atraction"? If you're interested in helping me find an answer, go to YouTube channel "Ricardo Perpina" and look up in history and find audio on Law of Atraction, listen a few times come back and help me sort out an answer.

100_0099PenguinsI want to thank all of you that have shown interest in this subject of The Law of Attraction. But let me start by giving a WARNING!!! To those new born Christians who are just beginning to walk with Christ this subject is difficult for you right now. I highly recommend you strengthen and ground yourself in the teachings of Christ and the foundation laid by His apostles. If you don’t have a church and or Bible study group, I can share with you what God has given me the privilege to put together drawing from my own personal experience and relationship with Jesus Christ, what I have titled God’s Grand Master Plan: Spiritual Development and Growth Program. You can also follow the links to my YouTube channel “Ricardo Perpina” and start following the video complementary to the studies.

Now, for those of you who are: mature, fully grown, in the discernment of good and evil, and fully prepared for every good work, in the Love of Christ, this subject is meant for you to help me sort it out. I’m not interested in controversies or vain arguing, but for us to be open minded and unbiased, looking into whatever might belong to: “the way, the truth, and the life.” Those things which scriptures mentions, but that are not fully developed and expounded upon, simply because it was not their time to understand and apply without the power of God’s Spirit leading them to these truths. One of the amazing things I’m being led to discover in my own experience is that God put in motion certain laws that govern human growth and development; When these are fully understood, by cooperating with them, they will aid you in living more abundantly; However, when these very same laws are ignored, by moving or working against them, they will seem to give you more of what you desire, even evil.  But eventually you will be heading in the wrong direction, and  forcing your will against the righteous law against which, no one can prevail. This is the very reason most people think and say, "God is punishing me, everything is going wrong." But the true reality is, that you caused it by wrong thinking and action, the very effect you are experiencing in your outer circumstances.

I realized that after studying scriptures for a long time, I was still ignorant about these natural laws. I was well acquainted with the spiritual side of things, but I had not realized they had a physical side or equivalent as well. I’m starting to partially understand that the very Righteous Laws of God that operate in the SPIRITUAL REALM have their physical equivalent that work in the MATERIAL REALM. That these are two sides of the same coin sort of speak. I realized that if God prepared good works that we may walk in them, then how are these works to show up? How am I to discern which works they are? Well, now I understand the Law of attraction to be; that which brings towards me, those things which I must be expecting to show up, for me to fulfill my purpose, and such are those as drawing you to join me in these discoveries. Before you offer you opinion with me, and those that will be reading the posted comments, would you get acquainted with this law of attraction? If interested,  go to my YouTube page, “Ricardo Perpina”, and look at the History of videos I viewed (Audios) and click on the ones related to this subject the “Law of Attraction.” Listen to them a couple of times, meditate on it and get back to me. Remember a few things: “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” and Jesus said something like this, “Don’t judge by appearances, I say to you, judge with righteous judgment” ; and Paul told Timothy something like this, “Do not refuse prophesy but examine everything, take hold of that which is good and do away that which is not.” I hope that we can sharpen iron with iron, But in the LOVE- OF- CHRIST. These are some audios related to the Law of Attraction, click here:http://youtu.be/SjN49-ViudQ  http://youtu.be/ohEpcuAYmnk http://youtu.be/k-NjEIdZjdI  It is probably best to start with the last video/audio on this list, the movie "The Secret".

Saturday, April 27, 2013

To lead individuals in the discovery and fulfillment of living more abundantly

I know we all have suffered or are still suffering from self esteem issues. If you read my story you will see the evidence there. However after coming to Christ twenty six years ago, He and I started a collaborating process of coming into my own self. This is where I find myself at this present stage of life, understanding that the “I AM,” is in me so I am Ricky an evolving man. I am finally comfortable being just me, Ricky. I believe that my whole being is coming into perfect (complete) alignment consisting of four major areas: THE SPIRITUAL, THE MENTAL (psychic), THE PHYSICAL, AND THE FINANCIAL. I truly believe that when Jesus said, “…I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b MKJV)  This is how I believe we live more abundantly. That is the mission of this ministry and of my personal life: To lead individuals in the discovery and fulfillment of living more abundantly. How do you feel about this topic, living more abundantly?

Introduction to Life Experience Academy

Life Experience Academy is a teaching outreach ministry. We are committed to draw from life experience those lessons that can provide us with the wisdom for everyday living. God’s Grand Master Plan: Spiritual development and Growth Program utilizes the Biblical principle, “Everything will be established by two or three witnesses.” (Deut. 17:6, Mat. 18:16, Jn. 8:17) Our Life experience as the first witness, scientific method through experts in the fields of counseling as the second witness, and God’s Wisdom as taught in the word of God as the third witness, but in fact will become our standard of faith and conduct. Send me an e-mail and ask for GGMP at rickyperpina@lifeexpirienceacademy.com or rickyperpina@gmail.com and visit us in Facebook-group (Life Experience Academy-Ricardo Perpina). Visit us in YouTube channel “Ricardo Perpina.” Your comments, insights and life experiences are welcome. Come visit us at http://lifeexperienceacademy.com/home/  

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This company is called Preservation of Wealth and has been around since 2009, I have performed due diligence in checking it out, after visiting the site you should do the same. If after performing your own research you determine this company to be trust worthy, reputable, and are interested in joining our team of associates please follow the link, www.preservationofwealth.net/lifeexperienceacademy . As Robert Kiyosaki says, you can be creating your “Cash Flow Machine”, and another author said, “at the same time that you’re spiraling up wealth you’re spiraling down debt.”
You can also help expand these services by:
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  5. Getting involved in the mission of helping others discover and live more abundantly
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